At a Special Meeting of the Board of Library Trustees on Monday, March 16, architect Saverio Belfiore, AIA, Vice President of H2M architects+engineers presented a revised concept design for the Library’s Children’s Room and Circulation area. After a brief discussion, the Board approved the design unanimously (by three Trustees in attendance and through 2 email votes). This concept design will be submitted to the Village Board of Trustees for approval and funding in the Village of Garden City 2020-21 Budget Capital Plan.

Library Director Marianne Malagon said, “This design was really able to find ways to enlarge the space that others did not. We are optimistic this latest design would open up many new possibilities for the Children’s Department’s programs and services.” Chairman Randy Colahan commented that, “the effort to renovate the Children’s Department dates back to at least 2014. It will dramatically change and enhance both the Library facilities and ability to provide services.” He also credited the tremendous support and effort of the Library Board, Library Director Marianne Malagon and Village Liaison Trustee Colleen Foley.