What's New at the Garden City Public Library

The mission of the Garden City Public Library is to connect people with information.

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What's New at the Garden City Public Library

Photography Exhibit by Phyllis R. Goodfriend

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Fine-art photographer Phyllis Goodfriend will exhibit her work in the Gallery from April 1-30. View two of her themes: "Sea & Fog" (black & white and sepia) plus "Doors & Windows" (color).

'Stepping Stone Light' © Phyllis GoodfriendPhyllis R. Goodfriend, Ph.D. of Great Neck specializes in photos of landscapes, cityscapes, and abstracts. A selection of her artwork from South Africa has been installed in the lobby of 1010 Northern Boulevard, in Great Neck, and will be on permanent display there. She has had solo exhibits at the African-American Museum; the Great Neck, Port Washington and Shelter Rock Public Libraries; and the Universalist Unitarian Church at Shelter Rock. Her photography book, Namaqualand and Namibia; A Photographic Adventure, was published in 2009. Palouse!, a compilation of work from two trips to that region, was published in 2011. Phyllis is a member of the Long Island Center of Photography, the Manhasset-Great Neck Camera Club, and the Photo Artists’ Network.

The photographer’s artists statement explains, "Color, light, and composition can transform even the most trivial bits and pieces of ordinary life into objects of arresting beauty. My passion for and immersion in photography has allowed me to 'see' as I have never seen before. I use my camera as a tool for expressing the essence of each experience: the perceived and the felt rather than the external reality. Although I enjoy the control over the final image afforded me by the digital darkroom, I am always aware that the basic techniques of lighting, composition, and exposure are more relevant than ever.

"My first and abiding love is for nature and landscape photography. In my travels, both near and far, I have been fortunate to have been able to capture many beautiful images of this genre, as well as many photographs of people. Recently I have become fascinated by places and objects that have been lost, abandoned, or overlooked. I call this series 'Lost and Found'."

To view more of her photography, please visit her website

Exhibit funding is sponsored by the Friends of the Garden City Public Library. Installation and removal dates are subject to change.


National Autism Awareness Month

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April is National Autism Awareness Month and the Children’s Room is spreading awareness with a book display on autism. Titles include My Friend Has Autism, by Amanda Doering Tourville; A is for Autism, F is for Friend: A Kid's Book on Making Friends with a Child Who Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Joanna L. Keating-Velasco; and Russell’s World: A Story for Kids About Autism, by Charles A. Amenta III; among others. The Library also has created the book, I Visit the Garden City Public Library, a social storybook for children with autism on visiting the Garden City Public Library, which can be viewed or checked out at the Library as well as viewed online. Stop by the Library and check out a book on autism this month!



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Come admire the fine workmanship of uniquely created "Needleworks" designed by fiber artist Michele Miroff, showcased at the Garden City Public Library from April 1-30, 2014.  Enjoy viewing exquisite handmade quilted bookmarks and postcards, colorful “woolies,” artistic pin cushions, imaginative whimsies, penny rugs, and quilts. 

This free exhibit is open to the public during regular Library hours. Exhibit funding is sponsored by the Friends of the Garden City Public Library.


Spring Reading in Bloom

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photo of spring books and audiovisual materials on displaySpring into shape by browsing the new displays at the Garden City Public Library.  Whether you are getting ready to plant your garden or heading out to the ballgame, there are books, audiobooks and DVDs for all of your spring interests. 

The new displays include books on gardening and landscape design, armchair travel books and DVDs, a celebration of poets for National Poetry Month, fitness books to help you get into shape, books and audiobooks to reminisce about the good old days of baseball, and instructional books on home repair to spruce up your house for spring.

Spring into reading at the Garden City Public Library!


April is Poetry Month

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Come by the Children’s Room and celebrate Poetry Month by reading some books about poetry and poets. We have poetry on a wide array of topics, ranging from dinosaurs and school poems to poems about nature and sports. If you’re looking for popular children’s poets, check out the work of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. You can also read poetry from around the world as well as the work of classic literary poets, including Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, and Langston Hughes. If you’re interested in learning about the life of a poet, check out one of our biographies on famous poets Walt Whitman and Phillis Wheatley, plus many more!


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