What's New at the Garden City Public Library

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What's New at the Garden City Public Library

Photography Exhibit by Phyllis R. Goodfriend

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Fine-art photographer Phyllis Goodfriend will exhibit her work in the Gallery from April 1-30. View two of her themes: "Sea & Fog" (black & white and sepia) plus "Doors & Windows" (color).

'Stepping Stone Light' © Phyllis GoodfriendPhyllis R. Goodfriend, Ph.D. of Great Neck specializes in photos of landscapes, cityscapes, and abstracts. A selection of her artwork from South Africa has been installed in the lobby of 1010 Northern Boulevard, in Great Neck, and will be on permanent display there. She has had solo exhibits at the African-American Museum; the Great Neck, Port Washington and Shelter Rock Public Libraries; and the Universalist Unitarian Church at Shelter Rock. Her photography book, Namaqualand and Namibia; A Photographic Adventure, was published in 2009. Palouse!, a compilation of work from two trips to that region, was published in 2011. Phyllis is a member of the Long Island Center of Photography, the Manhasset-Great Neck Camera Club, and the Photo Artists’ Network.

The photographer’s artists statement explains, "Color, light, and composition can transform even the most trivial bits and pieces of ordinary life into objects of arresting beauty. My passion for and immersion in photography has allowed me to 'see' as I have never seen before. I use my camera as a tool for expressing the essence of each experience: the perceived and the felt rather than the external reality. Although I enjoy the control over the final image afforded me by the digital darkroom, I am always aware that the basic techniques of lighting, composition, and exposure are more relevant than ever.

"My first and abiding love is for nature and landscape photography. In my travels, both near and far, I have been fortunate to have been able to capture many beautiful images of this genre, as well as many photographs of people. Recently I have become fascinated by places and objects that have been lost, abandoned, or overlooked. I call this series 'Lost and Found'."

To view more of her photography, please visit her website

Exhibit funding is sponsored by the Friends of the Garden City Public Library. Installation and removal dates are subject to change.


April is Poetry Month

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Come by the Children’s Room and celebrate Poetry Month by reading some books about poetry and poets. We have poetry on a wide array of topics, ranging from dinosaurs and school poems to poems about nature and sports. If you’re looking for popular children’s poets, check out the work of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. You can also read poetry from around the world as well as the work of classic literary poets, including Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, and Langston Hughes. If you’re interested in learning about the life of a poet, check out one of our biographies on famous poets Walt Whitman and Phillis Wheatley, plus many more!


Library to Hold Focus Group

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The Garden City Public Library will hold focus groups for residents interested in discussing the future of the Library in the 21st century and the role of the Library in the community. The focus groups will be run by Vice Chair Gloria Weinrich and Trustee Lola Nouryan. The meetings will be held during March and April in the Library.

Interested residents should write a short biography and indicate a preference of meeting in the afternoon or evening. Participants will attend only one meeting based on their availability. The biographies should be mailed to the president of the resident’s Property Owner’s Association. They will be forwarded to the Administration Department of the Library.

The presidents of the Property Owner’s Associations and their addresses are: for the East, Ms. Christine Mullaney, 104 Huntington Road, Garden City, NY 11530; for the West, Mr. Jonathan Kashimer, 6 Fenimore Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530; for the Estates, Mr. Gregory Senken, 161 Wellington Road, Garden City, NY 11530; and for the Central Section, Ms. Theresa Trouvé, 54 Second Street, Garden City, NY 11530.


YA Librarian Receives State PTA Award

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Marge Kelly, Garden City Public Library’s young-adult librarian, received the NY State PTA Lifetime Membership Award from the Garden City PTA on Thursday, April 3. Mrs. Kelly, who has been the head of the Young Adult Department at the Library since 2003, was recognized for her instrumental role in helping the PTA provide library-resource information by giving presentations to parents at PTA meetings.

YA Librarian Marge Kelly (left) is pictured with Yvonne Varano, president of the PTA Executive Committee, and Andrew Karen from the Garden City Recreation Department, who also received a NYS PTA Lifetime Membership Award.In addition, the PTA noted that Mrs. Kelly “provided a homework hub at the Library during Hurricane Sandy in 2013, providing assignment information to many students when communication with the district was down.” The PTA commented, “Having someone like Marge and her expertise at the GC Library not only provides a huge academic service, but is also an example of exemplary community service.”

In accepting her award, Mrs. Kelly acknowledged the importance of collaboration between the school and the public library. A lifelong resident of Garden City, Marge Kelly attended St. Joseph School and LeMoyne College. She holds a Masters in Library Science from C.W. Post. Mrs. Kelly has worked as a young-adult librarian at the North Merrick Public Library, as acting director of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library, and as a children’s and young-adult librarian at the Garden City Public Library. A donation in honor of the recipients of the NY State PTA Lifetime Membership Award is made by the GC PTA to the Twin Projects Fund, which is comprised of two scholarship programs for teacher education sponsored by the New York State PTA.


National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

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Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month by taking out one of our many books on sports, outdoor activities, and fitness. The Children's Room has books on both indoor and outdoor sports, such as soccer, hockey, swimming, baseball, and tennis, among others. We also have books on outdoor activities, including kayaking and hiking. If you want to look for books about activities you can do in your own neighborhood, we have books on skateboarding, in-line skating, and yoga. Check out a book on any of these sports or fitness activities at the Library for the month of May.


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