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App Update Fixes iOS 7 eBook Bug

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An update is available in the Apple App Store for OverDrive Media Console for iOS users. This new version addresses the issues that prevented users from opening eBooks in OMC after upgrading to iOS 7.

Nassau Digital Doorway users who upgraded their Apple devices to iOS 7 found that Overdrive Media Console v3.0.1 will fail to open an eBook. iPhones as old as the 2010 iPhone 4 and iPads as old as the 2011 iPad 2 are eligible for iOS 7, and all devices are affected by this bug upon installation of the new operating system.

Users can also remedy the problem by re-authenticating the app with the existing or a new Adobe ID.

If neither of these steps resolves the issue, please contact the Library at 742-8405, x233.


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